Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Generally Disappointing

It's been a crumby summer generally.  The tomatoes were apparently killed, but have revived somewhat.  I obtained a third "job" this summer, so no time to write much.
Here are a few photos.
We grew fennel this year.  I don't like fennel, but other people do and it's pretty.

Hard to know when to harvest fennel--when it's the right size, they say.  Is that before it blooms?

Beets have done well this year.  These pictures are from the end of July.  Most of these have now been sold.

The corn has done great.  I had the best ear of corn I've ever eaten.  We got plenty frozen while  they were perfect.

Hah!  Now there are giant watermelons.  It's in the 90s finally, so maybe they'll be edible.

Early stages of garlic harvest.  All these have now been cleaned.

Fantastic year for green beans.  Came home with tons, so got ready to pickle.

The non-straight ones were going to be frozen, but they were eaten instead.

Total of 19 quarts.  I think that's enough.