Thursday, April 26, 2012

Houses 21-30

House 22
House 22 (chickadee nest in early stages)
House 23
House 25

House 27

House 28
House 30

Houses 11-20

House 11
House 12
House 13

House 14

House 15
House 16
House 17
House 18
House 19
House 20

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birdhouses 1-10

For a while I'm going to concentrate on birdhouses.  The garden is fine--garlic up, almost all cleaned up, planted some peas, spinach, chard, kale, lettuce, radishes.  Then it rained, so they should be good.  I've been trying to figure out how to keep records better on the birdhouses, so I'll try the blog.
We've put up a new houses this year, and more coming.  There'll be a map soon.  For now, photos of each house--rather dull, I'm sure but over the years it might make a nice monitoring project.
The big excitement so far is that over the winter a porcupine ate House 22, formerly occupied by chickadees.  And I mean at the whole thing except part of the back that was nailed to the tree.  Shawn says they like the glue in particle board.  Last weekend we put up a new house on a post (hoping it'll survive longer).  I put some sawdust in the bottom because Teri says they like that.  One week later it's full of moss!
House 1
House 3
House 4
House 5
House 6
House 7
House 8 
House 10