Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As previously noted, we decided that if we can't beat the weather, we should join it.  This week we had a lovely harvest of French Breakfast Radishes.  They are white and hot and delicious!  Luckily for us, people were not put off by the flea beetle-eaten leaves.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera to the market, so no photos.  However, we should have another harvest this week, so I'll try again.
I plumb wore myself out on Sunday so didn't manage to post anything.  Last night I forgot about it as I headed down to clean some garlic.  Tonight I managed to remember!
It was pretty cool (low 40s) the last few nights.  The lack of daylight is very clear; I'm trying not to say it feels like fall. I did enjoy the gorgeous full (or nearly) moon last night.
We had a reasonable number of cucumbers this week at market, but last night the plants were mauled by deer.  I'm really looking forward to deer season this year, when Shawn and his dad will hunt right here.  My plan is to have them camp out on Teri's front porch and shoot the deer whenever they walk by.  I'm that irritated with them.
In other animal damage news, I think we might finally catch the gopher that's been working its way through the delicata squash.  Of course, it killed yet another plant, but this time it finally left a trackable run.  It had grabbed one of the squash and pulled it down the hole.  It had started at one end and hollowed out most of the squash, then filled it with dirt.  Now there is a trap where the squash was.
The tomato plants look really good, I think.  The tomatoes are beautiful, but are green.  But the cherry tomatoes are finally producing enough that I don't have to hold back on snacking.   It's warming back up today; hope springs eternal that the tomatoes will beat the weather and turn red.
The fairy tale eggplants are producing well and the peppers are coming along.  If it were August 1, I think we'd feel pretty good about where everything is.
I forgot to take overviews today.
The gopher's latest victim, with the unsuccessful trap.
Deer pawed a hole in the cucumbers, killing one plant in the process.

One artichoke plant makes a lot of artichokes.

Product placement overview.


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  2. Hmmm, gopher killing spam. Shawn assures me that doesn't mean people are actually reading the blog, just that there's some kind of robo-commenting program.
    Anyway, we killed the gopher with the trap we had! Hopefully it didn't have friends and family.