Sunday, March 28, 2010


Things are going along relatively smoothly.  Everything's growing.  Teri planted the peppers two weeks ago and they came up.  This coming week we are in charge of watering, so photos should be forthcoming.  Shawn checked on the beds we planted outside; either the radishes or lettuce germinated, but no sign of the peas.  The deer have been dedicated to breaking through the electric fence every night.  We may have to resort to peanut better on the wire.
The (almost) final batch of seeds was ordered last week and should be in tomorrow.  We're feeling late that we haven't planted the tomatoes or eggplant.  It's hard to figure out exactly how many to plant, but we should do it!
We were gone for four days and are shocked at the growth of the lettuce. 

The onions got their first haircuts last weekend. 
The onions all need haircuts again, and the artichokes would probably be happier in larger containers.

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