Sunday, April 4, 2010

Calling Mr. McGregor

I got down to the actual garden this week.  The first thing I saw was a little cottontail.  Luckily (for it if not for our vegetables) Andy did not see it.
I checked on the lettuce, chard, peas, and radishes we planted.  The chard and either the lettuce or radishes (problem with not labeling) are up and likely regretting it as it hasn't been much out of the 30s for quite a while and it's been snowing every day.
Someday I'll figure out how to move photos around on this thing!  The garlic is looking great, and was glad to finally get some precipitation.
Teri planted 136 peppers on March 14. Here's the list of what she planted (in the nice handwriting) and how they look. LY stands for last year and indicates the number we had last year.  The information below was the plan for numbers to plant, but was amended in the actual planting.

On Friday we planted the eggplant.  On Saturday the tomatoes and the remainder of the peppers went in.  See below for the schematic (which we usually lose by transplant time, so this year I scanned them) and numbers of varieties planted.  Hopefully they'll be up soon!

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