Monday, July 5, 2010

Knee High by the Fourth of July--Or Not

We've been weeding like mad, and actually feel like we've made some progress.  It's been a couple rows each night after work, and so far so good.  The corn's pretty much done and about half the squash.  Our two best friends are the stirrup hoe and the wheel hoe.
Also lots of work on the irrigation.  The squash all have water now, and they are glad for it!  I also got hose laid to the corn.  Tomorrow I should get some new tubing and then there will be water to them.  Grandpa (from Iowa) always said it would be ok if the corn was knee high, and I guess I can say we're close.
Checked out the irrigation system in the orchard, and by golly it's in pretty good shape!  There is a game trail that comes down through there, and where a hose crosses it the hose was toast.  But, easily fixed and back in business.  Everything got a good watering.  I need to remember to bring some ground staples up from the garden to try to secure the hose in that spot so it doesn't get destroyed again.
We went out of town for a couple days, so didn't manage to get the overview photos, but took some others earlier in the week.  Had a great, non-gardening time but am ready to get back to it.

Zucchini!  Even ate one.  This is a female flower.

Here's the male flower.

The peas are coming along.  They'd probably be happy to be better watered.

Have you ever not managed to harvest your radishes in time and then they bloom?  Well, I recently learned that the seed pods are delicious!  Try them out next time you're as irresponsible a gardener as I am.

Potato blossoms are pretty.

A baby Blushing Beauty pepper.  Keep growing!

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  1. Hey--you'll have to make radish pod pesto! Ramona loved the basil pesto we made this weekend--she took the recipe with her.