Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weeding and Skeeters

Most everything's at least partially up now.  The beets were first seen on Monday.  However, the beans that were seen are being systematically destroyed, apparently by quail.  I covered them up with row cover.  Hopefully that will protect them, but I fear it may be too late.
On the good news front, it's been several days since I found a Colorado potato beetle.  They are really cool looking bugs, but not good for the potatoes or for eggplant.  In years past I have had to spend an hour a night picking the larval form off leaves and drowning them.  I don't mind picking up the beetles, they actually make a satisfactory sound and mess when squished (with a shoe--never bare hands), but the larva creeps me out a bit.  So, I'm pleased that the problem seems minimized.  We've been told that if you wait long enough to plant your potatoes you don't have as much of a problem.  Apparently that's correct, as this is the latest we've ever planted the potatoes.
On the bad news front, the mosquitoes have emerged, and of course there are more than usual.  They chased me in Tuesday night, even though all that was exposed were my hands and face.  Most work will have to be done in the heat of the day for a while, because "I am a tender sweet young thing."
On the ultra-cute front, the resident elk herd came down to play in the fallow wheatfield in front of our house.  Lots of running by the calves (about 17) and by their moms and siblings--bucking and playing.  So far, only a deer has been in the garden, which allows the elk to continue to be considered cute.
Not much was accomplished this weekend; had to work on Friday, market and soccer on Saturday, cleaning up, running errands, etc. on Sunday.  Just a bit of irrigating and weeding in terms of accomplishments.  Also made garlic scape pesto.

 Here are the scapes.

Here's the final product.  Scapes, olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, and salt.  Yummy!

Good germination on this row of squash.

Aunt Ruby's hanging in there!

The sun was out this week, but I came to take the picture too late in the day.


  1. Love the photos!!! OK..I want to come visit... I want to see the elk playing, too! And help with that garlic scape pesto... because, I'm guilty of letting you do all the work!

    Have a great week. Today's gonna be a hot one.
    PS.. Soccer? Are you playing or coaching?

  2. Hi Andi,
    Come visit any time. Can't guarantee the elk viewing--they're on their own schedule. I'm trying to figure out YouTube to post the video.
    Soccer--it's just watching the World Cup. We don't have cable so have to get excited when it's on network tv.
    Have a good 4th!