Friday, April 15, 2011

Planting Window

The garlic is looking good!
On April 8 Shawn planted:
6 Azuychka
6 Black Zebra
6 Marvel Stripe
6 Dagma's Perfection
30 Vantage Point (Cabbage)
18 Dutch Flat (Cabbage)
The things with the crazy names are tomatoes.

On Sunday the 10th I got out the tiny celled planter and got a bunch of herbs started.  After two days, the basil was up.  So rewarding!  Nothing else (dill, fennell, parsley, cilantro, epazote, and stevia as I recall) is up yet.
Baby basil.
Also on the 10th it wasn't raining, mostly.  I finally convinced myself to go down to the garden and do something--took down the bean supports and pulled a bunch of the remaining hoses.  Then it started raining so I returned to the comfort of the couch.  Soon the sun was out and we overcame the inertia to return to the garden.  Hurrah, it was possible to rototill some areas!  So we've planted spinach, radishes, beets, peas, and chard.  I checked last night and no signs of life.  It's been fairly cold, so hopefully they'll come when they're ready.

The other seedlings are coming along well.  The tomatoes have true leaves.  We added another light so we have better distribution.  Teri loaned us a timer, but now we need three-prong adaptors.  Must take care of that before we leave town next week.

The seedlings at Teri's.

The younger seedlings.
The tomatoes getting big!
Little in her nest, not sitting on the plants.

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