Sunday, April 3, 2011

They're Up!

We planted and then abandoned some of the babies.  The eggplant came up first down at Teri's and now about half of the peppers are up.  Everything's doing great down there.  We have the tomatoes and a few peppers.  Germination looks relatively good, but the tomatoes got leggy since we don't have a timer for the light.  Should probably get one of those.  Also should have just left the light on for the four days we were gone.  Oh well, lots of things one could have done.  I also had thought I'd be able to find Marvel Stripe seeds in Seattle.  No such luck.  The warm spot I made for Little is working--she has stopped crushing the plants and is happy on her heat pad in a dishpan.  Shawn claims she's incubating something.
But Friday was a beautiful day.  Shawn experimented with the rototiller.  As suspected, too wet.  We'll hope for a dryer week to come.  I took the twist ties off one row of tomatoes, did some work in the yard near the house, and made my first foray up on the hill to clean out birdhouses.  The grass widows, buttercups, and a lomatium that I've never seen in that kind of abundance were blooming.  It's good to know the ground knows it's spring even if we can't really tell.
The leggy tomatoes.

The lettuce is coming along in the greenhouse.

I gave these guys a haircut after the picture.

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