Monday, June 13, 2011

First Fruits!

We went to the market for the first time this week.  We had leeks, herbs, and radishes to sell, as well as plants.  We did reasonably well.  Thanks to Laurie, I got this picture of a couple of cuties taking home a couple of our tomatoes.
It was nice to eat the first radishes of the year.  They are tasty and as I've said before, I like the garden better when it feeds me.  The main goal of the weekend was to get all the plants in the ground.  We scheduled the planting for Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning was lovely.  As the afternoon progressed, the clouds built.  Karen and Ralf kindly came over to assist.  But, the rain came.  We stuck it out until we were slipping through the mud and had several pounds caked on each shoe.  About 150 of the peppers made it in.
Sunday afternoon late we put in the rest of the peppers, the eggplant, and the basil.  The poor tomatoes continue to wait.  As you can tell, the tomatoes are really overly gigantic.  The other plants actually look better than usual.  Perhaps it's because we never had too much of an aphid problem.  This year I used a soap:water ratio from the internet.  It was higher than I usually use.  It burned the leaves, but may have worked wonders.
Another focus of the week was weeding the garlic paths.  Teri has been working her way through (with some help from Ramona!), but we needed to engage.  Now there's only about one row left.

The tomatoes eager to get in the ground.

Weeded paths.

New cabbages.  Thanks, Nella!

Bigger beans.

Cilantro and radishes.

The old growth part of the garden.

Incipient pea.

First ladybug in the garden this year!

Younger beans.

Corn with peppers in the background.

Cucumbers are up!

Lots of Colorado potato beetles this year.

Potato beetle eggs--ewww!


Bring on the pollinators!

Because this miniature bell pepper is ready to go!

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