Monday, June 27, 2011

The Garden is In!

Finally dried out enough to get everything in the ground.  We finished planting on Saturday. (Except for the watermelon, which I'm not counting since I don't like them and feel they're hopeless this season anyway.  But Shawn was slaving away tonight with black plastic and high hopes).  We also managed to get everything irrigated, which is good, as today was in the 80s!  Now that's more like it.

Tomatoes on the move.

Best success we've ever had with cabbages.  Thanks to Mia for the tip!

Zucchini time.


Also finer heads of lettuce than usual.

Red beets are doing great, but the goldens germinated poorly.

Almost time for peas--such a happy thing to look forward to.

Extra pumpkins Shawn planted after the quail appeared to have eaten them all.

The mini bell that was blooming two weeks ago.

Overview--peppers and eggplant in foreground, fine looking corn in background.

Good beetle.

Bad beetle!

Locust blooms; they smell so good.

Views of foxtail lillies with pollinators.

Baby swallows in the garden.

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