Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean up and Transplant

This weekend was dedicated to removing last year's garden and getting some transplanting done.  Teri was a great help with all of it, and now the main garden is devoid of almost all of the dead vegetation and ready to be planted for this year.
Friday the focus was on basil; we plan to sell seedlings this year.  They are doing pretty well.  Also cleaned up the flower garden.  Looks like it will again be dominated by rudbekia and some other flower whose name I can't remember but it self-sows like crazy.

Saturday was miserably windy, but with Teri's inspiration we actually cleaned up all of the old tomato plants (yes, we reuse the twist ties), took down the support structures, picked up all the old gourds, and extracted the corn stalks.  I was pooped.  I thought we had finished to whole thing, but today it occurred to me that I still haven't dealt with the artichokes and a few of the zucchini. 

Today we transplanted about 140 pepper plants.  They moved up to the greenhouse from Teri's basement, where they had been living under lights and over a heat map.  They were a little overwhelmed by the actual sun, not to mention being put into big pots.  But as the sun went down they started to perk up (too dark for pictures by the time I got out there though).


Shawn and Teri also installed the irrigation for the garlic and put on some mulch.  Often we don't get the water in until the garlic are quite tall and it is a bit of a challenge.


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