Sunday, April 18, 2010


Incredibly warm this weekend!  Part of the weekend was dedicated to maintenance of the natural bug and rodent contol.  I cleaned out all the birdhouses and began the epic war on the wasps who also like to build their nests in the boxes.  The bluebirds and tree swallows have expressed interest; the wrens haven't arrived yet.  And we are a little worried about the hummingbirds, who are quite late.
The baby great horn owls are up and showing their fluffiness.  The barn owls on the other hand are in some sort of crisis.  Three babies have jumped out of their box.  Two have died.  We're working on a variety of theories, most of which we can't do anything about.
We've fertilized the garlic and greenhouse items.  We also worked on mulching the garlic.  You may say to yoruselves, "why, I think I would have mulched in the fall, right after I planted the garlic.  Then they would have been protected from frost heaves and the pesky leaves wouldn't be in the way."  I would say to you, we here at Arrowleaf Farms generally know when and what we should be doing, but that does not seem to mean it gets done.  For example, yes, we should have planted the potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, and likely other things by now.
Also worked on installing the irrigation for the garlic, who were quite thirsty.  But since we had a good thunderstorm last night, we didn't need to finalize or implement the system.

The peas are up!  Also some of the unlabled stuff we planted is progressing.  I remember planting radishes, chard, and lettuce.  I see what look like radishes and something that tastes like arugula.  Apparently I planted that as well!

Everything in the greenhouse and in the house on heat mats is moving along.  The soapy water spraying for aphids has begun--before we even saw an aphid.  Here is an instance where we actually did what we were supposed to before it was too late!  Below are the update photos.

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