Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring, in the sense that temperatures ranged from the mid-20s to the high 60s

Monday--I did get some radishes planted.  So now from south to north it's radishes, chard, radishes, arugula.  The lettuce in the house germinated!  So rewarding to have an instant gratification garden.  In other news, Teri reports that I shouldn't blame the holes in the artichokes exclusively on earwigs.  Apparently some day while we were at work there was marble-sized hail.  Usually that doesn't make an impression until all of the plants are out and flattened.

Wednesday--Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Yesterday it was 29 degrees when we got up, and this morning there was snow on the ground.  So far everything's surviving in the greenhouse (although the basil is getting yellower by the moment).  I hauled the artichokes in last night; they really do look bad, poor things.  Tomorrow night it's supposed to be 25 degrees.  We may put Remay (ground cover) on everything in the greenhouse, or we may sleep with the thermometer next to our heads.  What's to be done about the peas, radishes, and arugula?  We'll see whether they survive that cold.  Not feeling so proud of myself for planting the chard and next batch of radishes any more.

Sunday--it did get down to 25.9 two nights.  We took no precautions (except bringing the artichokes in), and lucked out.  Despite everything the zucchini, watermelon, and cantaloupe all germinated.  Today was beautiful.  Shawn transplanted many of the rest of the peppers, got everything thoroughly watered, and fertilized the garlic.  I focused on the yard--mowing, weed-eating, checking on the birdhouses, etc.  The peas are this week's victim of the vagaries of the outside world.  I think quail are chewing on them.

I can't get the photos to upload; I'll try an all photos post tomorrow(ish).

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