Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting the Real Work

As much as I'd been hoping for warm weather, I don't think I quite internalized that it would mean that from now on any time spent not working in the garden is guilt ridden.  And that I'd need to start thinking about sunburns and carrying water with me.
But, it was beautiful.  Everything was tilled up.
The greenhouse plants started the process of hardening off.  It got quite windy, and they stood up really well.  I was a little shocked.

Teri helped with the onion planting.  All three varieties are now in the ground (yellow, red, and sweet).

I also discovered that the flea beetles have infested the arugula and radishes.  I covered them up, but don't think it'll help.  I suppose I should do some research on what actually would help rather than wringing my hands helplessly.
I do think it might help that I planted the cauliflower and broccoli and cabbage and spinach seeds in a protective remay tube.
Shawn also planted carrots, lettuce, and cilantro.  I got another bunch of radishes in the ground.  The peas seem to be getting ahead of the quail, but they've started taking dust baths in the newly germinated radishes.  The chard is also up.  They are at least partially covered now.
We all worked on the endless weeding.  The straw purchased from D&B was a big mistake--full of wheat and other grass seeds.  The other straw mulch is actually keeping the weeds down.  At least the buttonweed is rewarding to kill at the moment--most are big and have giant tap roots that are easily broken through with a shovel.  Maximum reward for minimum effort.  Unlike the grass, which is the opposite.
I brutally cut back the basil which were way too tall for their pots.  So I guess that's the first crop and that I'll be making some pesto.  The plants actually look fine, which is good, because NEXT WEEK IS THE FIRST MARKET!!  Hopefully people will come and hopefully those people will buy basil, because that's all we're going to have.  
In addition, I mowed the orchard (big accomplishment).
Shawn cut up all the potatoes; they are ready to be planted and leave the living room.

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