Sunday, June 6, 2010


Normally, we plant out the garden Memorial Day weekend.  We were lucky enough to be on vacation, so didn't even try.  We had high hopes for this weekend.  The rain has thwarted them.

Thus, we are left with very large plants in the greenhouse who would like to have some room to spread their roots and get some better nutrition.  We need a few dry days so that our clay soil can dry out and put up with us walking on it and digging holes.  In previous years, we've had to resort to planting some things in wet soil.  Then the soil dried and cracked as clay is wont to do.  The cracks went right along the intersection of the potting soil and the native soil, making perfect squares.  It allowed the air to get to the roots and the plants really suffered.  We would like to avoid that, but the plants are going in no matter what next weekend--another weekend away cancelled.

Unbeknownst to me, Shawn got some of the potatoes in at some point, and they are up!  Unfortunately, the photo was not in focus and now it's dark.
The carrots, lettuce, and cilantro are coming along too.  It does seem like maybe the cold is past, so seeds can germinate.  

The peas, radishes, et al. are enjoying the weather.

The garlic seems enormous; this may be the first year it's actually gotten all the water it wants.  Thai Fire, always ahead of the others, has sent up its scapes.  Teri did yeowoman's service and weeded all of the paths--thanks Teri!

One thing that's happy is the volunteer cilantro.  Since it was another pretty rainy day, and I managed to get soaked, I harvested quite a bit of it.  I made cilantro pesto, which may be the ultimate pesto--so good on so many things.  It's cilantro, lime juice, garlic, olive oil and salt.  We have almost two quarts of it now.

We determined where to put the tomatoes and Shawn started putting up their fences in between rain storms.

The zucchini was put in the ground in a fit of pique a while back.  Most were eaten, but some are doing alright.

Finally, the tomatillo forest has re-emerged.

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