Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Master List

Here's everything we grow, I think.  Please note a few things are just for us (like chard usually since the flea beetles are hard on it making it too ugly to sell).  Also, we often run out of time to get everything planted.  For example, every year so far we haven't managed to plant dill.  And then there's cabbage--we keep trying, but have been abject failures so far.

Master plant list
Peas--probably have enough
Beans--have seed
Radishes--get more Hailstone
Red Beets--enough
Golden beets--enough
Carrots--good on Bolero need more others. Have pelletted Nelson
Zucchini--need regular green
Italian star-shaped--have seed
Yellow zucchini--need seed
Crookneck--have seed
Peppers--need Lemon Drop
Eggplant--barely enough Fairy tale. Ok on others. 
Tomatoes--see separate list
Figerling Potatoes
California white
Blue potatoes
New potatoes
Sweet Corn--have seed
Decorative corn--need seed
Eating pumpkins--have enough
Halloween pumpkins--need more seed
White pumplins
Tiny orange pumpkins--have Jack be Little
Tiny white pumpkins--have Baby Boo
Cinderella--have seed
Gourds--have seed
Acorn--have seed
Butternut--have seed
Buttercup--have seed
Sunshine--need seed
Delicata--have seed
Sweet dumplings--have enough
Carnival--need seed
Hubbard--have some Sweet Meat, need Blue Ballet
Basil--have seed
Tomatillos--have seed
Cantaloupe--enough for this year only
Watermelon--have seed
Pickling cucumbers--have seed
Lemon cucumbers--have seed
Slicing cucumbers--have seed
Armenian cucumbers--have seed
Chard--have seed
Red onions--need live
Yellow onions--need live
Sweet onions--need live
Leeks--need live
Spinach--need more seed
Dill--have seed
Fennel--have seed
Cabbage--need seed

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