Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pepper Census

Hot Peppers
Serrano 12 plants: This seemed like a reasonable number.  The plants did really well.
Mariachi 11: I don't remember this seeming excessive this year.
Ancho 6: We could use more of these.  Also some work on staking them.  I think maybe we should put them in tomato cages.
Anaheim 16: Had it been a better pepper year, this probably would have been enough.
Jalapeño 15: Perhaps too many.
Thai 5: These are tiny little guys.  I don't anticipate picking more than a couple of plants.
Habanero 4: Not a good year.  Probably plenty of plants.
Garden Salsa 6: Again, in a normal year, this would have been enough.
Cayenne 4: Seems like there were more of these plants.  Anyway, there were enough cayennes.
India 4: Enough.
Orange Fogo 3: I think we're out of these seeds and probably could live without growing them again.
Red Demon 5: Again, out of seed.  But I really like these; they dry nicely and have a good shape.

Hot and Sweet
Krimson Lee 6: Shawn's favorite.
Alma 18: Too many, but it takes a great number to make a reasonable amount of paprika.  Few actually ripened.

Mexi bell 6: I didn't like these because they looked just like bell peppers.  I was afraid I'd mix them up and sell them to people who didn't want any heat.  There was very little heat and they were yummy--perked up a salad, but too much stress over mixing them up.
Fajita 9: Same as Mexi bell, only hotter.
Pepperoncini 6: These pepperoncini were really big and had very little heat.  I preferred the ones we grew last year, which were really good pickled.  I'm not sure which exactly those were though.

Sweet Peppers
CA wonder 6: This is a good one.
Blushing beauty 5: These did well, but aren't that much sweeter than a bell.
Carmen 10: I was impressed.  They redden up nicely in a fairly short period of time and have a reasonable sweetness.
Lipstick 4: I liked these too.
Mini 6: These are nice to have just for a snack in the garden.  We sell them by the basket; it's hard to figure out the price point.
Aruba 7: I don't know; I think I might be happier with the blushing beauties/whitneys.
Whitney 7: Ripens reasonably quickly.  Kind of a creepy color, but overall good.
Red marconi 12: I think the carmens should replace these.

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