Friday, March 25, 2011

Of Potatoes

One problem we've frequently encountered is that we don't keep track of how much we plant in terms of potatoes.  So two years ago there weren't enough potatoes and last year there were (are) too many.  So here's what we ordered and if we can only remember to add what we buy locally (the real problem) we should be in good shape.
Ruby Crescent Fingerling: 5 lbs
French Fingerlings: 3 lbs
Russian Banana Fingerlings: 3 lbs
German Butterball: 5 lbs (for Merlyn)

The calendar says spring, but it's still darn cold.  It seems like usually we have a few unseasonably warm days, but not this year.  Today it wouldn't be bad out there if it weren't for the wind.  A friend insists she'll plant peas today.  It seems impossible, but I'll head down and see just how muddy it is in the garden.
The next job is to figure out if we should be planting tomatoes and peppers this weekend.  The census will help with the tiresome job of determining how many of each.  Some thought will need to go into deciding whether we want to plant extras to sell or not.  So many decisions!

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